Talk Dirty to Me

by Lulu Wright

I can appreciate the work that the author put into the book but I only wish that she had taken a different approach with some of the aspects of the characters. I didn’t warm to Mark, his attitude grated on the wrong side of what I would normally find acceptable.

I’m not sure that I liked many of the views that he had towards not just Rose but women in general. Although I will say that as half of the book was written from his perspective, the reason why he is the way he is eventually explained and while it doesn’t excuse his behaviour it does at least show that he has some remorse and by the end, while I hadn’t forgiven him, I found him a little less ascorbic.

Rose and Mark had, had a previous relationship when they were still in high school, so this was their second chance, I just didn’t know if I wanted him to get a second go.

I liked Rose although at times I was willing her on and hoping that she would give him a dose of his own medicine.

Well, you can probably guess that the spark between the two of them is re-ignited and it sets off at a pace but there are issues that require resolution, especially the fact that Rose has a real trust issue.

I bet you think I am being a downer but I’m not, not really I thought the author did a good job, and the story certainly made me think.

Topic: Talk Dirty to Me by Lulu Wright

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