Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan



Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan

Book two in the series and I have to say that I thought it was far better than the first – it had me by the throat and lever let go – sheer brilliance.

The book is painful, the essence of the book is painful, the characters in the book have a painful story to tell – all in all this book will hurt you – so hold your heart in your hands as you open the first page.

The book picks up immediately where Undeniable finishes and Deuce and Eva are very much a part of this story also but as much as the characters transcend from the first novel – this story really is all about one couple and that is Danny and Ripper.


Ripper tore my heart wide open – he was so many reasons to hate the world has suffered at the hands others and is scarred both physically and emotionally but despite his flaws he has one thing right in his head – he loves Danny. But is certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that he does not deserve her.

The consummate member of the club, Ripper is a solid guy – but following one drunken night spent with Danny puts her permanently on his radar, he can see no further, because despite the 14 year age difference, his world now has a focus but it’s not all plain sailing from here on in, because in his world Danny – daughter of the club president Deuce is most definitely off limits.


Not ready to face the wrath of Deuce and desperately trying to do the right thing Ripper takes off, leaving them both to fight their demons and the loneliness of being apart.


One major blip appears on Danny’s horizon and with Ripper gone she deals with it as best she knows – Cage is there in the end to support her but it is painful for her to be alone, when all she wants in Ripper.


Danny makes Ripper want to be the type of man he thinks she deserves- he wants to be her reason to smile and she helps him to find the peace that he so richly deserves.


She loves him, he is beautiful too her both inside and out – she sees past the scars and sees him for the man that he really is, the man that she knows loves her.


   “ Perfectly flawed and everything I hadn’t known I’d wanted in a man until this…him…us.”


Life at the compound is difficult for them all and the day to day life carries through the book – we get to see Deuce and Eva try to maintain their relationship, we hear more about Danny’s brother Cage.


But most of all we see that Danny struggles to deal with her life and the need to keep her relationship with Ripper secret.


Could they survive letting her father know that they are together – would the other horseman accept Danny as Rippers old lady? Could they stand up for the love the feel for each other and walk proud amongst their peers – Hell yes but the road is far from smooth!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  Rating 5 out of 5