Physical Distraction by Sierra Hill

I haven’t actually read either of the first two books in this series but I don’t think that this books suffered because of that it was more and suitable to be read as a standalone book.

Sloane and Dylan were great characters, the author managed to inject so much personality into them both that reading their story was like hanging out with friends.

Sloane is a strong woman but she has a past that is doing everything it can to hang a dark cloud over her attempt to find her happy ever after. I wanted her to be able to just shrug it all off and get on with finding herself a man but I suppose that would have made the whole book pointless because when you add Dylan into her mix, the whole story gets very, very interesting.

Dylan , oh wow! He was such a nice guy, I wanted him to be the man that Sloane would find her happy ever after with but with her past I wasn’t sure that he would be able to handle the skeletons that she had or perhaps that is the wrong way to express that, I worried that she would be able to give him the opportunity.

The story was a little bitty but I know that, that was deliberate, the details were drip fed into the story and it was a clever tactic on behalf of the author because it ensured that as a read I couldn’t take my eyes off the page for a moment.

A well written story that took a little while to get going but once the characters hit their stride there was nothing to stop them.

Topic: Physical Distraction by Sierra Hill

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