I Was A Bitch

by Emily Ruben

This was superb. From the first chapter I was completely hooked and I barely left its side until I skipped past the last page.

The story travelled well, it flowed the events had a pitch and tone that I found absolutely engaging.  The edge of suspense and mystery was perfect.

Things aren’t always what they appear and that should come as no surprise but as we journey with Lacey as she takes on board everything happens after she awakens from her coma. I thought the author did a super job of portraying the angst and confusion that she was suffering, the fact that there were faces surrounding her, popping in and out of her life that she couldn’t remember, that there were holes in her memory that’s he just couldn’t fill…her frustration was totally translatable.

She accepted for the most part her boyfriend but yet there was an element of uncertainty that kept her with one foot on the brake so to speak. 

Was there something she was yet to recall that was pushing her towards this behaviour?

As the flashbacks progressed they provided a fabulous glimpse into who Lacey had been before her accident and also allowed me the opportunity to see just how far she had come from that person to where she was now.  I think the introduction of Finn into the story was a brilliant move, but it was Lacey that was the star of the show. I loved the connection between the two of them, the fact that she felt secure with him, her memory may have been playing hide and seek but her soul knew who to trust.

The author is to be commended for a story that had almost everything I could have possibly wanted. It had a super storyline that gave my brain a work out as I tried to unravel what had happened to Lacey.  It gave my heart a work out trying to make sense of how she was with not only Finn and her boyfriend but also with herself, she had an internal battle to win and it was far from an easy fight, as she worked her way from practical oblivion to a life that she truly deserved.

With just enough detail to encourage me as the reader to follow the trail of crumbs toward the big reveal, I have to admit that this author really hit the mark.

Topic: I Was A Bitch by Emily Ruben

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