In the Crease

by Toni Aleo

If you are looking for new book boyfriend then may I be so bold as to suggest you stop looking because Jenson Monroe is all you could possibly want and then some…Oh darn it I shouldn’t have said that if I want to keep him for myself.

Goalie for the Assassins, Jenson has it all going on, I mean the job is cool, he is as sexy as sin but that isn’t the major selling point for me, what I really liked was the fact that he was such a darn good guy and despite the fact that he could have any woman he wants, it means nothing to him because the one he really wants is the girl he has loved since he was a teenager…Wren.

The connection is complicated by the fact that she is not only his sisters bestie but also by the fact that her brother is a hockey player and she knows that players are never short of female company and that leave her with a tainted opinion of relationships, I sort of got why she thought that since it was ok for the guys to sweep through relationships with not a thought for consequences that it was ok for her to live her life that way too but I was also a tad peeved that she was also willing to tar them all with the same bush so to speak…Jensen didn’t deserve what almost amounted to a dismissal.

But things take a turn when she finds herself in an unexpected predicament and is in need of what can only be described as the mother of all favours from Jensen…. she needs him to pretend to not only be her husband but also the father of her unborn child. Well that is the open door that Jensen needs because now he gets to spend time with Wren and in that time, he fully intends to usurp her plans and make it clear that he is ready to make their “fake” relationship permanent!

The twists and turns had me totally engaged, I wanted this pair to have everything they wanted, to be everything that I was sure they could be, they had the potential to be totally awesome, and while Jensen was up for whatever it would take to get what he wanted, I was almost shimmying Wren along, shuffling her along the page to make sure she hurried up and clicked that this guy was the one that she shouldn’t let slip away.

They had so much to overcome but as I read with my fingers crossed and my heart in my mouth I was hopeful!!

Topic: In the Crease by Toni Aleo

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