by Cheryl Douglas



This was so far up my street I could have been neighbours!!!

Holy Moly what an absolute stonker… loved it!

It took me just one chapter to fall head over heels for this book and one day to finish what is one of the most realistically pitched stories that I have engaged with for a while.

Featuring two characters that have lived a life, so full of challenges, love and experience was a refreshing change from many of the books that can usually be found in this genre. This is a story that gave a voice to a generation that is so often overlooked but who are as much victims to the trials and tribulations of affairs of the heart as much as any other.

The journey that Ryker and Mackenzie took was one that I was glad to be on with them.

The book kicked off with a flourish and it was in that vein that the remainder of the story travelled too. This was their journey told not only in glorious detail but with deference.

The story was awash with reference to the miscommunications and insecurities that plague relationships on may level, No matter who perfect the illusion the inner turmoil is often the biggest battle, but when there are two in a relationship the meeting of minds and hearts is a sensitive and delicate balancing act.

I could relate completely too much of what Mackenzie was feeling but I also found myself empathising with Ryker on so many levels. Men of his age demographic are of the generation where feelings were never discussed, to Ryker showing and discussing his feelings is an alien concept but that is just one of the things that has both him and Mackenzie at opposite ends of their relationship.

I loved the fact that the author gave them both time, attention and an auditorium in which they could let the world in on how they were feeling and what they were going through, giving them both the opportunity to voice their opinions to tell their own sides of the story was just what I needed as the reader, it game me the opportunity to get to know them.

I liked the fact the author threw some significantly active secondary characters into the story, they were not only a welcome relief on some occasions but they also had enough going on in their stories that they really piqued my interest.

I have an inkling of where I would like to see this series going but I won’t be disappointed if I am wrong because I trust the author to deliver what I know will be another remarkable story

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