by Nicole Edwards


I can’t imagine that there is anyone on the planet that is blind to the writing of Nicole Edwards, I have read everything she has written to date, and I say that so you can get a modicum of just how excited I was when I heard that she was revisiting some of my most favorite of her characters EVER…the Walkers boys.

Ethan Walker was the most engaging of the Walker brothers and I absolutely relished his book, so getting to see what happened to him and Beau was always going to get my seal of approval.

This story picks up after nearly 5 years, they are still blissfully happily married and ready to take the next step in their lives, they are ready for a family of their own.

Now anyone that knows them, knows that they would be the most magnificent parents but in true Ms. Edwards style, their struggle into paternity is far from straight forward.

I loved that they had the support of each of the brothers and their partners and it was lovely to have the opportunity to catch up with the rest of the clan but the main focus was Beau and Ethan, the pressure that their decision put upon them, the external forces that they had to battle to make their dream a reality and the self-examination, the soul searching that they both had to face, especially Ethan was touchingly poignant.

Beau was an absolute natural with kids, his nieces and nephews adored him and if you had needed to have a picture reference as to what the ideal Dad would look like then he was the guy, Ethan struggled more to reach kids on their level, to interact with them and enjoy what they could bring to his life but what did understand was the joy they brought to Beau and he was willing to stop at nothing to make sure his guy was happy, no matter what it took.

There is a definition of love that needs no explaining in this book, Ethan and Beau have a love that is rock solid, unequivocal, and without reproach. The Walker family as a whole bring to life what it means to be loved, nothing is impossible when you are encased by as much love as support as they give to each other. That isn’t to say that there weren’t situations that tested them, things that they would rather not have had to deal with and doubts that they both harbored deeply but what was never in doubt was the fact that should they get their family, they would love and protect their child with a spirit of love that was immeasurable.

This was the book I didn’t know I needed this year until I had finished it, it brought me a sense of peace, a calmness and a real sense of family.

This is what true love is meant to be like and it comes Walker shaped!


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