by Harloe Rae

I’ve been a fan of Ms Rae for a while and despite having read and loved what is, for the most part, her entire back catalogue, I feel as if I have been slightly fooled before…because this was a whole different class.

There was something about the characters that resonated, Decker…OMG, I want him in my life every single day he was glorious. He had that bad boy vibe down to a tee but when you peek under the surface the heart that beat so furiously was one that was 100% gent!

But this wasn’t all about the magnificence that was Decker, nope Delaney brought her own sass to the page, she was doing what she needed to find her feet and boy oh boy did she have a lot going on. Whilst I loved her snarky nature, and the fact that she was willing and able to say what she wanted to whoever she needed to when it mattered, that wasn’t what really endeared her to me, it was her cheek, she was funny.

A fantastic read that was written beautifully and totally different from what I had anticipated, this was just the story I needed to keep me company on a rainy Sunday afternoon.


Topic: Keeper by Harloe Rae

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