Defining Love- Vol 2, by Elizabeth Reyes

Flipping between both Henri and Aaron’s points of view, this picks right back up from the end of the first volume and it never lets up.

I was hard pressed to keep up with all the twists and turns as they unfolded.

Aaron just can’t get Henri out of his head and in a bid to feed his need to be close to her, he manages to manipulate his sister Bea into giving Henri a job.

Now, that brought me my first WTF moment – I mean he is still in a relationship with Mia. And although he appears to be doing what he can to make sure that what he has with Mia is unscathed, his heart is torn, he simply cannot be without Henri, there is something primal between them, it defies explanation but it is obvious that they are simply unable to fight their attraction.

What they have had in the past with their partners begins to fade into platonic insignificance as they sleepwalk their way towards the inevitable. They are each fighting their own internal struggle and that is taking its toll but working together, hell that has bad idea written all over it!! Seeing each other on a daily basis is a temptation that neither of them needs and I have to say I was ready to watch the sparks fly!

I was captivated by the way the two of them danced ineffectively around their feelings, but I was mindful of the fact that no matter what they felt they were already in relationships, albeit doomed ones.

As hard as they fought the inevitable, there was no denying that when they eventually relented and came together the resulting unleashed passion was always going to be soul destroying – for everyone concerned – Henri and Aaron finally experienced the enormity of their relationship and their unsuspecting partners were left out in the cold having done nothing wrong – my heart broke for them all.

Love leaves a trail of devastation and heartbreak under many normal circumstances but their love was far from normal.

But can they absorb the enormity of what they have and what they have done and can they find a way to accept that despite their differences, they were made for each other?

Henri I feel may have more trouble with that scenario than Aaron!