Reginald Bones Part Two

by Lucian Bane

I read this straight off the back of book one and I think that helped as I was able to continue the pace and reflection that I had built up through the first story.

While the ending of the first book with a wait for the release of book two may have been torturous, knowing that I had this ready to read sort of tempered the ending that the author drew upon at the conclusion of Part one but that doesn’t mean that this doesn’t kick off with a bruiser of a first chapter, it is phenomenal and had I had to wait I would have been demented!

This book takes a closer and I do mean closer look t the relationship between Reggie, Bones and Winter.

I got why Winter was willing and determined to fight to get to the core of Reggie, the man that she loved but I wasn’t sure that she would be able to get through the wall that was Bones, the two sides of his personality were so deeply entrenched that I had a hunch that the deeper she dug the only thing she would get in the end is what she had now, Reggie was an enigma and one that continued to evolve, to a point where the relationship between both sides of him and Winter was getting perilously close to being off the charts bats**t crazy.

Both Reggie and Bones were fighting for control and it wasn’t clear which of them was likely to win the war, there were elements of their personality that was so normal, so predicable almost, caring and considerate but there were also times when there wasn’t a single normal iota to what was going on and that brought an worrisome nervousness to the page. The twist and turns just kept on coming and for me, I was beginning to doubt my own sanity, I loved these crazy a**ed characters and what the heck did that say about me??

From one page to the next I was engrossed, I fought my urge to think ahead, to second guess, knowing full well that, that was a battle I was never going to win, after all this is an author that leaves no a scrap of indication or clue to what the heck is happening until it is almost too late and you can’t avoid the train wreck as he has carefully constructed.

While I think this is a cut above the first book and that is not a statement that I make lightly, I think the author dig deeper in this book, the crazy was just that bit more extreme, the eroticism was off the charts and elements of the book that threw light on the mental acumen of those involved left me aghast.

There is nothing run of the mill in this book and absolutely nothing ordinary about this author, if you are looking for something that is going to brush away the cobwebs…this is your story and Lucian Bane is your guy, simply astonishing!

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