Baiting Him

by Aurora Rose Reynolds

The second in the series, this continued much in the same vain, a cute, romantic read with a healthy dose of emotion.

Cassie was in the first book of the series and I liked that she was the sort of character that was willing to overlook whatever was happening in her own life in order to make sure that those that matter most to her are OK. Most of the time that worked well but I couldn’t help but wonder if she needed to think a little more about herself sometimes because I didn’t want her to be the woman that missed out on the man of her dreams whilst she was busy looking after everyone else…but I didn’t have to worry because with Gaston, she had found a perfect gent.

Gaston was everything that I have come to expect from this author, rocking his own very own brand of alpha he could very well have come across as a bit of a so and so but he was anything but, he treated Cassie with respect… this was a guy that knew how to woo a woman and I was willing to swoon!

With not much in the angst and attitude field, this was a safe, sweet read. It wasn’t all smooth sailing but there wasn’t much conflict around to trouble the pair of them.

Topic: Baiting Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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