Fighting to Start by S L Zeigler

I was caught up in the romance of this story – and yes I do know what I am saying – this might have a hard exterior due to the setting but that is a clever ploy on behalf of the author because this hard assed fighter had a heart that was just begging to have someone to love and to be loved by.

I absolutely love a fight based novel, it gives me everything I need and they all have a lot to live up to, big men in the ring need to show me that they can a real man outside the ring and Reed was that and more.

Yes, he was what I would have expected a screwed up kid who was determined that he wanted to be more than everyone would have expect him to be.

The quintessential bad boy who has the bit between his teeth and a chip on his shoulder…you go Reed!

Serve up Hadley and you have a couple that were so good together that I galloped through their tale and was rocked on my heels by the time I got to the end, not just because of the ending but because I hadn’t realised how much I had read.

I loved the two of them and how much they were willing to share with me as a reader, they laid their hearts out on the line for each other and when they hit the wall, I felt my heart seep through my hands and take refuge on the floor, the author broke my heart!

I know there is more to come but that didn’t soften the blow that the author dished up, the end was devastating, I was ruined, it left me dumbfounded and distraught.

This is a story about life, about what you have, what you want and what you get …and the concoction that you make out of all those ingredients. It is about reaching your limit and watching your world fall apart around you and wondering what the heck you have to do to put it back together again.

Topic: Fighting to Start by S L Zeigler

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