Brothers in Arms

by Penny Dee

If I say that this is the second book in the series then you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realis that you really need to have read the first book before picking this one up, it’s no hardship really so do yourself a favour and give the book a chance to show you hat its got and that means getting to know Cade and Indy from the get go.

The Kings of mayhem are being picked off one by one and the culprit is doing a darn good job of keeping a low profile, but Cade is willing to do whatever is necessary to save his brothers, and to uncover who is behind the war that his MC is being decimated by.

I liked Cade and Indy, their relationship wasn’t too much of  a stretch for me to imagine, they had an air of honesty about them as a couple and I liked the fact the story was dark, I don’t mean totally off the scale angst but it certainly wasn’t an easy read, the author made sure that the emotion of the events as they unfolded hit you front and centre, it had all the feels and I couldn’t but have to reach up and wipe away a tear or two.

An emotional roller-coaster that was written with a swift pace and a powerful timbre. These were characters that I enjoyed and for that alone I am looking forward to the next in the series.


Topic: Brothers in Arms by Penny Dee

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