BackFire by Keri Lake

An author that blew me away…Keri Lake I doff my cap and applaud what I can only say is a stunning book.

Yes, it is dark, Yes it is disturbing but YES, with bells on it is brilliant!!!

The story itself is superb but for me the thing that put you squarely on my OMG list is the way you write, the details you impart, the emotion you convey, the attitude you inject into every scene and way you are able to not only bring the characters to life before my eyes but that you are able to help me to get almost immersed in the atmosphere of the locations, the descriptive tones you used helped to illuminate the whole story and to add depth to the storyline.

I also loved the fact that you didn’t shy away from making sure that the story was complete, I loved the fact that you left nothing to chance, you took the story by the scruff of the neck and wrung every single emotion out of it.

Not everything was to my taste but that is just what I would have expected, I can’t contemplate some of the heart break that was brought to the fore but I can appreciate the magnitude of the circumstances.

I can’t tell you what happened in the story, not because I don’t want too but because I honestly believe that to do so would be wrong, a mistake on my part and a disservice to an author that deserves to be appreciated and in my opinion you will get more if you experience the story for yourself.

Please I beg you don’t let this one pass you by it too good to miss.

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