Company Ink

by Kat Colburn

Cleverly crafted this was a marvellous debut read for me from this author, I should also say that this was, in fact, the first book the author has written but from the quality of the work, that little snippet was hard to tell. I thought that the attention to detail spoke volumes, it gave a great indicator to the fact that this was an author that was quite rightly proud of her work and I for one will be following her future releases with great interest.
I thought the story was fresh, it had a strong sense of purpose and its own unique outlook on the friends to lovers’ storyline.
Dani was a fabulous female character. Left swinging in the breeze both emotionally and financially by a douche of an ex, she is dragging her sorry a** through each and every day at a job that she really doesn’t give two hoots about and I would have to say rightfully so, she had the world at her feet or perhaps fingertips when her and her ex, created their own company. I would be pi**ed too!
Dan, wants Dani on his team for a deal that has the potential to be huge but as tight as they are…is it a point of them actually being too close? They are best friends but neither of them is completely honest in the fact that given half a chance they would like to be a whole lot more than just mates.
I liked the fact that the author gave the story time to draw out its secrets, that the interaction between the characters was full of not just unrequited tension but also humour, I couldn’t begin to count the number of laugh out loud moments I came across, it was totally engaging.I thought there was just enough angst to have that “wtf is going on” pottering around in my head, I was totally hooked.
If you are looking for an honest read then you need look no further, this was packed with characters that you will adore. Dan was a genuinely good guy, I loved the way he looked out for Dani, of course, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows but the author was cleverly able to gauge the anticipated reaction and seemed to be able to ensure that I didn’t feel bereft when the two of them were going through some tough times, I will admit that some of their issues made me sad but that was all part of the storyline and that made it all the more enjoyable.
For a first novel, this was a great read, beautifully presented, correct in every manner and highly enjoyable.

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