by CD Reiss

I know that a couple of hundred pages isn’t exactly a novella, but I couldn’t help but think that it was a little too short, or maybe I should just say that I couldn’t help but want more…greedy I know but CD Reiss is an author that I relish spending time with and I didn’t get to spend enough of that with this book.

I thought the story was sweet, but I also had a few irks that I just couldn’t shake.

A summer fling that faced more than most uphill struggles to survive but that was determined to try at least or, so it appeared.

They say opposites attract and in the case of Chris and Catherine, that definitely was true, she was the daughter of wealthy parents and he was the guy that they didn’t want her to be with and that they were willing to do whatever it too to keep her away from.

The instant connection between the two of them was fantastic but it was never going to be allowed to flourish, not when the pressure that her parents felt able to wield was fully brought to light. In order to protect him from her father Catherine she makes a deal that she didn’t really want to make but would it be what they both need; would it give them the opportunity to show that they had what it took to stay the course?

The story gathers a pace when it picks up after 10 years when Chris returns to town, he has a lot to say and has to find the opportunity to make up to Catherine the fact that he hasn’t been the guy that she needed or thought he would be. But is it enough?

I wanted Catherine to be happy, because at times I couldn’t help but feel that her story was so sad, and I really thought that she deserved better, but whether Chris deserved her well, I was reserving judgement. Yes, he was a good guy, but he was a bit of an a** at times

In true CD Reiss style the book was very well written but I have to admit that would have liked a few additional pages.

Topic: WHITE KNIGHT by CD Reiss

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