The Corner Office

by Katerina Baker

I liked the setting of this. I liked that Tara was a strong powerful business woman, a woman who has worked hard for what she has achieved and earned her place as an executive at a Fortune 500 company. I liked the professionalism that she brought to the page and as a woman in business that dynamic appealed to me.

I could draw reference from women that I have met in my professional capacity and thought that the authors characterisation of Tara was absolutely on point.

But everyone has a weakness, a breaking point, a temptation and for Tara I thought that, that was Aidan, the situation with Richard was less straight forward but I think Aidan was the key to everything she wanted. You may feel differently …?

The situation between the three of them was far from straight forward and there were so many twists and turns that at times it was almost impossible to predict what direction the story and the characters were going to head off in but bear with it because by using short chapters the author doesn’t keep you hanging around long.

I thought the author delved deep into their characters and brought an awful lot to the table, they were all superbly presented and that gave them a pull that was impossible to resist.

Well written this is one that comes highly recommended

Topic: The Corner Office by Katerina Baker

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