One Last Wish

by Aurora Rose Reynolds


From the blurb it is obvious that there were going to be more than a couple of occasions where tissues would be required and that certainly was the case but as much as I liked the story, I thought it was over far too quickly and a little light on some details that would have helped to explain how they had managed to get to where they were now.
I thought Denver was a super character, he was a genuinely nice guy, Aubrey on the other hand, I found a little more confusing, I got her reticence to accept Declan and his advances, but I also doubted why she was willing to deny herself the happiness that it was obvious she could have with him.
It was times like this where I thought I missed a little depth but that might just have been me, the leap forward in the timeline at the beginning also had me flicking back through the pages to see what exactly I had missed…the answer was nothing but I couldn’t help but feel that it was more than a chunk of time that had been overlooked.
A super quick read that was easy to get involved in.

Topic: One Last Wish by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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