Sweet Fire Texas by Nicole Flockton

A steamy push me, pull me read one that I wasn’t sure how it was going to go but thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

Gage Cooper and Charlotte Wilkinson are on opposite ends of the same piece of string so to speak, Cage’s business is oil and Charlotte is a passionate environmental analyst. So as you can imagine, when they lock horns across the boardroom table it is explosive.

Neither are great at backing down but when Gage’s father leaves some land to Charlotte, yep you can imagine how went down. He is furious that his father would do that to him and is determined to do whatever he can to get “his” land back.

Now I was a little sceptical about his plan when he put it to Charlotte that they could both gain what they wanted by entering into a marriage of convenience. Charlotte only had a work visa and was hoping to get her Green Card, while Gage he just wanted the land. I could have throttled him at this point and if I am honest at numerous points throughout the story he frustrated the heck out of me.

I liked Charlotte, she was feisty but Gage he was a work in progress for me. I got that he was a businessman to the core and that he was often looking at the bigger picture but he had blinkers on much of the time and I just felt like yell at him to open his eyes and take a good look at the love that Charlotte was offering him. Yes, the time the spent together was hot and steamy but was it enough?

When Charlotte finally has enough and walks, it is only then that he may finally get his head out of his ass and realises that he may just have lost the best thing he ever had!

There are some brilliant secondary characters, especially Gage’s family they really lit the story for me and I am looking forward to reading more from them.

There are a few twists and turns as the story unfolds and then there is the mystery box!

Topic: Sweet Fire Texas by Nicole Flockton

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