by A.M. Hargrove & Terri E. Laine

I liked many things about this book but initially I liked the fact that it was the lead female that was the sports star. Add in the fact that the book is centred around Golf and not your normal baseball, hockey or football and I was hooked…quite literally. What a refreshing story – it took the tried and tested rule book and tore it up!

One kiss, many years ago had left its mark, it had been a long time coming and it was to be a long time still before they got to follow it up but now was their time and after being initially almost foisted back together through circumstance rather than choice, they and both had a decision to make…where do they go from here?

Riley is a rising star on the Ladies Golf circuit, flying all over the world and loving her sport but when she needs a caddie for a charity event she turns to Mark to help her out. Let’s be honest, he was never going to turn her down but it is safe to say that he hasn’t actually got much of a clue about what she does and what is required of him, all he knows is that this is his opportunity to spend time with Riley and a chance for them both to see exactly where the pull they can no longer deny is headed, because once they make their move, I think they both had a feeling that it was going to be awesome.

They couldn’t keep their hands off each other but that is not to say that it was all going to be plain sailing, they had a lot to overcome, namely her coach who I wanted to kick in the shins most of the time, her douche of an ex who just wouldn’t take no for an answer despite the fact that he was lucky to have all his fingers and other appendages attached- had I been Riley I think he may have been missing a few! Oh and chuck in the fact that her twin brother was marrying his best friend and you also then have the unknown quantity that is family to contend with.

Mixed up in all of this is the fact that Mark is currently considering his career future and Riley’s career means that she is away for weeks at a time and what they have is a huge dilemma. Can they make what they have work over both time and distance, and moreover do they even want to try?

I liked the connection between the two of them and got that they hit the ground running so to speak, after all theirs was a relationship that was years in the making. I think there were elements of the book that were exceptional, the detail the authors ploughed into the golf aspect of the story and the way they were able to give a realistic portrayal of what it takes to be a professional sports woman, but I thought there were other aspects that seemed to be almost skipped over and I wanted a little more depth but I can’t criticise, not really this little beauty kept me both thoroughly entertained and amused from start to finish.

A witty, sexy romance that is highly recommended

Topic: Hooked by A.M. Hargrove & Terri E. Laine

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