Lucky Number Eleven

by Adriana Locke

Sworn off men, or should I say ball players…Layla has had her fill of guys who set on messing her around, so from now on, as far as she is concerned …the sports jocks are off limit and with her ex’s antics fresh in her mind she took off to spend some much-needed time on her own.

Or at least that was the plan, because when she arrived at the lake house, the last thing she was, was alone.  Nope not only does she have her brother to content with she also has his sexy as sin teammate Branch.

Branch was everything she had sworn off, he may answer to his nickname Lucky but he will need a lot more than luck to win Layla over because his usual go to tactics with the ladies are not going to work with her…or is it?

I was beginning to wonder just how far he was going to push his luck after all this is his best friend’s sister but when you know, you just know and something was going to have to give…I just hoped that it wasn’t going to be their shot at being happy.

Layla was intrigued by Branch, there was more to him that he liked to portray, he may have appeared to be a player but he had a lot more going on under the surface and it was that, that attracted her.

But with just a few short days together, was there the chance that their fleeting tryst could move past the time at the lake, well if Branch had any say about it…it would.

Now I loved the fact that the author was willing to give Branch the opportunity to go get his woman, to show that just because you have lived your life one way doesn’t mean that you can’t change to be the person you need to be and get what you want and he wanted Layla, so when he eventually meets up with her again …BOOM!!!!

A very sexy, sweet read…highly recommended


Topic: Lucky Number Eleven by Adriana Locke

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