Be My December

by Rachel Brookes




I have read and reviewed many books and have a handful that no matter the timescale their story remains with me, long after I have turned the last page.

Be My December is one of those books. It now has a little corner of my heart all to itself and I know that I am in no hurry to get it back.

This book was absolutely engrossing, I found my day completely devoted to each passing page – I quite simply could not put it down.

The story is unapologetic in its delivery and rightfully so because it will truly make you FEEL! It will make you angry, it will make you sad, it will make you smile and fundamentally it will make you see that no matter what, the human spirit can and will endure and can show absolute courage in the face of the adversity.

Eden hides away behind her carefully built persona – the face she shows to the world deliberately masking any opportunity to see the real her. The traumatic events from years earlier have left her scared and broken, hurt so deeply that she finds it desperately hard to trust and only has a small number of close friends to keep her grounded. Even after all these years Eden has never been able to go back to the city that remains in her nightmares but when work determines that she has to go – she steels herself for what lies ahead.

Eden meets Ky Crawford and the pull between the two of them is electric. Their friendship quickly develops but it is obvious that Ky’s past contains so much more than he is willing to share. His secrets and demons deny him happiness, something’s just can’t be undone and redemption is not something that he is in search of. He is adamant that he does not deserve saving!

But can the save each other?

The relationship between Ky and Eden was touching to read, the author provided not only depth but personality to the pair of them. The peripheral characters where not only endearing but essential, they not only gave Ky and Eden encouragement but perspective.

While the initial subject matter of the book, maybe one that is not generally approached in fiction ,that should not in any way detract you from reading what can only be described as a powerful piece of work.

Congratulations to Rachel Brookes for an outstanding story told with determination, compassion and most of all empathy.