Dare to Dream

by CA Harms

The this is comfortable elegancy about this story and by saying that I don’t mean that the author has dialled back any of the romance because Greer and Darren could very well be the poster couple for perfect partners.

Greer has the day from hell when her father passes away, but life hasn’t quite finished with the heartache because when she gets home she finds her so called boyfriend Tucker up to his eyes (and other bits) in another woman…let’s just say that her fortitude surprised me, she kept her decorum and gave him the elbow…Game Over Tucker!

Moping around is more than a little tiresome but when her aunt extends and invitation to stay at the family holiday home in Carolina Beach, I wondered why Greer was a little reticent at first after all there was nothing holding her back now that Tucker was out of the picture or at least he would be if he took the hint!
But she did me proud, packed her bags and headed for the coast.

Darren had suffered as much as Greer, the unexpected death of his wife Lynn had left him alone to raise his delightful daughters and while they were the apple of his eye, that didn’t mean that he was blind, he couldn’t help but notice his beautiful new neighbour.

From the time they first met, there was an easy familiarity between the two of them, I could almost picture his wife’s spirit guiding the two of them together. Greer was superb with his girls, she was so maternal for want of a better word, they bonded instantly and I worried that my hope for a happy ending as maybe going to have unwarranted casualties if it all went pear shaped!

But what I did know, was that this pair were headed one way and one way only and I…along with both of their charmingly hilarious families was willing them along every step of the way.

The story was super cute, super romantic and fabulously uplifting.

This was a second chance at life not just romance. Two souls drawn together, connected at their very core and refusing to let their opportunity pass them by.

Quite simply beautiful!

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