Rock Redemption by Nalini Singh


I was initially at sixes and sevens as to how I feel about the book at to what level I am ready to say that to start with Noah was a royal pain in the ass.

The story is emotional is much as Kit is a woman that has a heart as big as Texas but Noah, was he worth her time and attention?

He was a first class ass, really I didn’t know if I wanted to kiss or kick him!

I wanted to know early on what the heck was making him the way he was, why was he treating her so poorly but the author strung me along and when his past was revealed I understood why?

His demons were bigger than I had anticipated and handling them were taking everything he could muster ,I almost felt as if he had no time to examine his sensitivities and how his attitude impacted others.

Kit wanted Noah and because of that she was prepared to put up with more than most. I would have sent him packing a long time ago.

But when he promises to be the man she needs in order to remedy her public image, I felt he redeemed himself, because I believed in him at that point. The time they spent together was cathartic, it gave them time to get to see what they could mean to each other.

Kit was able to be the support that Noah needed after she was aware of the true horror of what he had been through and the compassion she showed towards him, especially when she made it her mission to help him get the sleep that eluded him on an almost nightly basis.

I liked the fact that the author was able to spring more than one surprise on me as the book proceeded, especially the whole stalker situation.

It was not without angst as you would imagine, the path they were on was never going to be entirely smooth, it was a navigational exercise for them both but they stuck with it and once they had found their feet and what make their world tick they formed a wonderful partnership.

From an uncertain start, I have to say that by the end I was completely hooked.

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