Tattooed Dots by Kimberley Knight


Tattooed Dots by Kimberley Knight

Book one in this new series from an author I haven’t heard of before but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised.

Initially I was having difficulty warming to the main man in the story – Easton Crawford could only be described as an absolute arse.

The first few pages meant that he didn’t exactly endear himself to the me – portrayed as an errant, resentful husband, who having been caught cheating was in the throws of a divorce trial – fighting to retain the one thing that he was actually prepared to fight for- joint custody of his daughter Cheyanne.

Apparently unrepentant for his part in the demise of his marriage, that only solidified my opinion that he was indeed an arse and the number of times he referred to his wife Dana as a “nag” was quite off putting. But as the old saying goes never judge a book by its cover – because Mr Crawford certainly proved himself to be a bit of a revelation and I can honestly say I developed a bit of a soft spot for Easton.

The story jumps forwards a number of years and we find Easton in New York, a hardworking single father, with the needs of his daughter Cheyanne definitely coming first in his life, not to say that his needs are not being met if you get my drift but his “peanut” is his priority.

Talked into taking his first vacation in years by his best friend Avery – Easton is bothered at first that Avery has suggested a one week’s singles cruise from California to Mexico. Not looking for a partner but knowing that with a plethora of singletons on board he will more than be able to have his needs met, he agrees to the trip,.

Avery is a different kettle of fish – long-time friend to E (Easton) and Uncle A to Cheyanne (for some reason Avery likes to refer to everyone by their initials) he is definitely looking to find “the one” as he puts it on the cruise. Little do they know what lies in store for them?

Brooke Bradley is a bright, funny woman – a paralegal by profession but nurturer by nature – who since being tasked by an errant mother at the tender age of 13 to care for her little sister – has been caring for those around her ever since including her woeful boyfriend Jared.

Brooke’s best friend Nicole gives her a gift for her 30th birthday, a one week cruise to Mexico (can you see where this is going!)

Not being a fan of the useless Jared, it takes Nicole a little while to come clean with Brooke and admit it is a singles cruise. And not being someone to cheat, Brooke only agrees to go as Nicole’s “Wingman”, she is not interested in meeting anyone else – no matter how shaky her relationship with Jared is at the minute. Some Sun, Sea and a Massage ( to help take care of a painful shoulder problem) is all Brooke is looking for – but then again she doesn’t know that she is about to come face to face with Easton Crawford.

The cruise is what it is and each pair is determined to make the best of the trip in their own way. But their worlds collide on the first night and nothing will ever be the same. Avery and Nicole meet and are inseparable from then on for the duration of the cruise.

Brooke and Easton strike up a friendship after being left together by their otherwise occupied best friends. Brooke admits to Easton that she has a boyfriend but to his credit Easton takes it in his stride and their relationship remains platonic for the duration of the cruise. A kiss on the final night is all it takes for them both to know that there is between them and no matter what – their impending goodbye is never going to be forever – it is just a shame that they don’t get a chance to talk before they depart.

Life deals Brooke a sideswipe upon her return to Boston – the troublesome shoulder injury turns out to be more serious than first considered and as a result her life gets turned on its head.

Avery and Nicole are determined to keep their relationship going and have plans to meet up on the weekend – Easton is giving Brooke the space she needs to deal with her relationship with Jared but it does not escape him that she is in his every thought. News of Brooke’s shoulder reaches Easton through his friend and unwilling to just take a back seat – he steps up to be the man she needs – her relationship with Jared, finally over, Brooke can allow herself this shot at happiness.

The ensuing relationship between Brooke and Easton is a romantic waltz through modern life’s trials and tribulations – family life for Easton, work and illness for Brooke and the not too small a matter of the fact that they live in different cities. But determined to make her his “superwoman” Easton is romance personified. He woes and surprises Brooke at every opportunity, and is there for her when she needs him most.

Destiny had a plan for these two and in this the first of the series – it is clear to see that there is much more to come not only from them both but also from Nicole and Avery.

Life can be a bitch but it never gives you more than you can cope with and these two can cope with everything that is thrown their way, because they have each other.

I look forward to the next instalment.

Rating 4.5 out of 5