Rules of the Ride

by H J Bellus


Jeez, woman have a heart!

H J Bellus, I am beginning to wonder what exactly you have going round in that head of yours because I am broken – I have been on a real cowboy kick lately and I  hold my hand up – I love me a cowboy but holy cow… I want a Maverick Slatter for myself.

You took my heart and soul and not only rung them out but you then hung them out to dry!

Maverick Slatter belongs to no-one, he did once and he thought that would be forever but in reality when he  gave his heart away he knew he would never want it back but what he didn’t know that the woman he gave it to wouldn’t want to keep it or him.

Ten years ago Ella James, turned her back on her fiancé Maverick and without a bye or leave in the dead of night, she left and in the process she broke his heart but why?

Never believing he had to see her again, he was knocked for six when she returns to town. The death of her mother pulling her back to the one place she would never return too.

When they come into contact again and he is even more surprised when that fleeting connection stirs up feelings that he thought he had long since buried.

As I suspected there was more to Ella’s departure that initially met the eye but when Maverick learns not only the real reason she left, but also the other secrets that she is keeping, he is left with a decision to make.

Does he try to rekindle what was there before, does he fight to get back the only woman that has ever meant anything to him or does he let sleeping dogs lie and call it a day?

Really… you don’t need me to tell you what he decides do you … this is cowboy mentality here and getting back in the saddle, Mav is getting his woman back – and nothing is going to stop him.

This is second chance love story that you will be happy to have read, you will struggle to put it down!

Topic: Rules of the Ride by H J Bellus

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