by Melody Grace

I am happy in the company of Melody Grace and the characters of Sweetbriar Cove, there is always something going on and the way the books all centre around a town which if I had the opportunity to, I would move to in a heartbeat!
Cassie and Wes were engaging, just as I would have hoped, they had a lot to contend with as they overcame their past and tried to forge a future. Of course the pain of what had happened between them previously as never going to be easy to ignore but I thought the author gave the pair of them the opportunity to say their piece and to clear the air so to speak but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t bicker because…oh my lord did they – if bickering was an Olympic sport then I am not sure which of them I would put money on for the gold medal – they were champion at it! But it served a purpose in as much as whilst they may have been arguing at least it was a means of communications so in the end it was win-win situation, they needed to talk to clear the air and they found the medium for them that worked.
The town for me is the primary character in this series, there is always so many strong characters that just seem to work in that setting, they are all really great to read, they make sense and are so, so easy to fall in love with.
I hate to say a read is cute, but it is the perfect description for the story ... In fact, it was probably too darn cute for words!


Topic: BACK TO YOU by Melody Grace

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