Sharing Rylee by D Kelly

I think I liked Rylee, she intrigued me.

She almost felt like the odd one out within the confines of her stereotypical family, she was always destined for something more or so she thought. She lived the normal life, boyfriend and all but her heart was ready for more…she just had to figure out what that more was.

Could she bring her dream to fruition or were the dreams she harboured nothing more than a pipedream?

While the shenanigans might be anything but normal, the sentiment was full on romance and the current of the story not only embraced that romance, it brought it to life.

I found the connection between the main protagonists very interesting and while I am not exactly an aficionado in all things ménage I found that the self-expression and discovery were more than enough to keep me engrossed.

Topic: Sharing Rylee by D Kelly

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