Arrow's Hell by Chantal Fernando

I loved Dragon’s Lair and was slightly apprehensive about whether or not this would be able to captivate me in the same way but I hush my mouth because Arrow’s Hell is just heavenly!

We got a little of Arrow in the first book but not quite enough, but what you do get is the facts and the unabashed detail of his descent into the purgatory in which we find him now, the death of Mary completed the desolation of his soul.

In this book though he may just find something worth fighting for.

Anna is Rake’s little sister and while she has never been part of the club, she is back from college and trying to get to know her brother. But there is an attraction that she cannot deny when it comes to Arroe, there is something about him that draws her in, he speaks to her soul and she is hard pressed to justify the strength of her feelings.

Arrow, was such a complicated and angry man but he has directed most of his anger towards himself because he was unable to protect his woman and because of that he was content- no maybe that is the wrong word, he was accepting of the misery that had become his life after the death of Mary.

But the two of them have a fight on their hands if they honestly believe that they will ever be able to keep what they have under wraps, it is just too intense.

Rake is a possessive brother and knowing the man that Arrow is and what he has been through it was anyone’s guess how he would take the news of the two of them getting together but I was screaming at my kindle to give the guy a break!

Arrow wasn’t perfect but he was enigmatic, he drew me in and held me close as I read his story and in all that time, I was silently pleading that he could see that he was worthy, worthy of being loved , worth of forgiveness, worthy of the future that he was willing to deny himself.

Anna became his hope, she was the one bright spot on his horizon and it was completely reciprocated, the two of them something that was completely engaging, beautiful and powerful. And in time she would be his reason to live again.

But the path the travelled was littered with obstacles and tests, they were never going to be able to have an easy time of it but they had the chance to put themselves first and they took it.

I cannot praise the author enough for both the content and context that she managed to pour into this book, she gave me a leading man that not only took me to a dark place and showed me what it was like to live in hell but also a man that having carried the weight of the world not only on his shoulders but heavy in his heart.

I cried for this man and I am not ashamed to admit that at times I was blindsided by the depth of his pain, it was so real, so descriptive and so tangible that I wanted to dip into the pages and take him away from it all. I wanted to yell at him to give himself a break to learn that in order to have those around you forgive you, you first have to forgive yourself. Anna was his first step and it was all he needed.

I may not have discussed much about Anna in this review but that is not deliberate, she really was such a pivotal character in the book and I have to say that with Anna, the author pitched he character perfectly, she was strong and opinionated, tough enough to take on this damaged man and tough enough to win – she won the prize she wanted and the one he was reluctant to give … him!