Bound by his Desire by Nicole Flockton

Some authors have an exceptional way with words and then there are others that are able to make their words sing – Nicole Flockton falls into the latter category.

This book is beautifully crafted and crammed full of exquisite details and perfectly honed characters, she has this nailed!

Bound by his desire is Nick’s story, and it had all the hallmarks of being an entertaining ride.

Nick lives by his own rules, determined by events that have shaped him into the man he is today.

He has no desire to enter into any form of relationship and has little regard for the notion of ever falling in love.

Shame he has that attitude because he is the kind of man that attracts attention, he is the whole package and that package is a very appealing proposal.

But burnt fingers mean that he is on a quest to find a new assistant, one that finally gets with the program and accepts that he has no intention of ever being anything other than their employer.

Laying all his cards on the table, he offers the role to Pamela, Jasmine’s assistant and to be honest Pamela has enough on her plate, falling for Nick is not even on her radar.

Pamela and Nick are both great characters, they have great inner strength and fortitude, both have history that refuses to just lie down  and go away but they have the wherewithal to work through it.

Professionally Pamela is the girl for Nick she has his requirements banged to rights; she is empathetic and caring, efficient and dedicated and absolutely guaranteed not to fall for him.

This couple have a connection that they would be foolish to ignore but time and tide waits for no man, can they see past their pasts and find a future. Can Nick see that losing Pamela will be the biggest mistake of his life?

But we all know that we don’t always get what we want, but whose desires are going get the upper hand? Who will crack first and will walking away be an option?

I loved Nick, he thought more about this rules than he should have and when push comes to shove, he learnt that we are not all the same and tarring every woman with the same brush could mean that he lead a very lonely life and god forbid that would be a waste to womankind, because this man is delicious!!!

Pamela was a joy, full of everything you would expect with a contagious confidence that gave her a determination that was only to be commended.

But when you heart lays it on the line, you have to stop and listen at some point and Nicole Flockton pitched this character... inch perfect – I adored her!!

Congratulations to the author on an outstanding book!!!