Taking Root

By Katherine McIntyre

This was so much more than just a second chance romance, nope this was riddled with angst, mystery, and suspense.
There was so much that could have put paid to the connection between Adrian and Danielle before they even had the opportunity to really find their stride. There was true heartache in the story that I hadn’t anticipated and that caught the emotion in the back of my throat forcing an involuntary gasp as times, this is one of those books that when read in company you will undoubtedly have to continually apologise to your companions for the ministrations…I fidgeted and gasped and groaned so often I could feel my husband silently rolling his eyes at me!
Adrian was perfectly imperfect, and I don’t often say that about a guy but in this case, it was definitely true. He had his quirks and flaws, but I liked that about him, it kept him and his characterisation realistic. Oh, and his family well they were a blast, not entirely the Brady bunch but they certainly added colour to the storyline.
Danielle has a story to tell, a past that has shaped her present and has the power to destroy her future but she has been on the back foot for long enough and now she is ready to stand her ground and reclaim the life she really wants. But can she get what she desires or will the demons that have had her running scared for so long be enough to keep her from achieving her goals?
Her time in witness protection is done, she is done and she takes the bold step to go home…foolish or brave you make up your own mind, for me I was rooting for her she had suffered enough and I was practically whooping when she determined to live a life that nobody thought possible. She never expected anyone really to see through the steps she had taken to start over but then again, she never expected to meet the guy she had loved as a teenager either…and there was no way that Adrian wouldn’t have recognised her, he would know her anywhere and just like back then there is nothing he isn’t prepared to do for her…and her situation might just call on him to prove that statement!
Adrian was willing to be by her side no matter what the world had left to throw at her and I applaud him for that but darn it they had so much to overcome that at times I was skeptical as to why he would want too!
As the horrors that the author riddled through the story unfolded, I was gobsmacked, the details and vivid descriptions left no stone unturned in the author pursuit of what can only be described as excellent. I read with an anticipation that was electrifying, I flipped pages like a dervish and reached for the tissues on significantly more than one occasion.
This was a second chance thriller like no other and I loved it, I only hope to get a little more of Adrian, Danny, and the others at a later date!

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