Seducing Mrs. Robinson

by Rachel Van Dyken

It’s been a while since I dipped into the creatively crafted world of Rachel Van Dyken, I’m not exactly sure why that is but when I saw that this the latest series was being released I was super keen to see what it had to offer because I was a massive fan of the Wingman Inc. stories and this was circling that world and that was enough to pique my interest.

So, did it live up to my expectations…oh boy did it!

Seducing Mrs. Robinson is Leo’s story and it is one that you are going to want to dive straight into. It centre’s around Leo and Kora and it is one that has history, the unrequited lust of a young man that now all grown-up has the capacity to be so much more.

Leo was besotted by his teacher when he was a young man and when he discovered that she was going to be his new professor, college just got a whole lot more interesting but that doesn’t mean easy, I mean she is still in a position of authority over him and there is that pesky age difference to contend with, not that it has ever been an issue for Leo.

Anyway, Kora is feeling the effects of a breakup, the negativity that she is feeling now that she is single again has almost sapped her of all her confidence, so she searches out the Wingmen, hoping that she can find her spark again.

Leo knows the rules, he can’t get involved with her whilst she is using the services of Wingman Inc., but rules are there to be broken, aren’t they??? Especially when she feels the same way!

The connection between the two of them could not be denied, there was an unerring force that wasn’t willing to keep quiet any longer and when given the slimmest of opportunities they both knew that they were ready to run with it.

I adored Leo, such a super-smart, sexy guy that I just couldn’t get enough of. Kora was a strong character and I was glad to see that she might have been a little wobbly emotionally but she was more than willing to do whatever it would take to get her life back on track…little did she know that, that future would include a young man from her past.


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