The Bad Guy

by Celia Aaron

There is no mistaking the fact that this is a dark story but that should come as no surprise, the author does make that pretty clear from the outset but what did come as a surprise was the fact that as villainous as Sebastian was there was also something about him that I just couldn’t find to dislike, there was a sliver of light that seemed to have been pushed to the darkest recess of his personality but on occasion seemed to be trying to peek through and it was that, that captivated me.

I don’t know whether others would agree but I thought this was about a passion, an inexplicable, instantaneous love that seemed to tip a man that was barely clinging (and that is giving him the benefit of the doubt) to any semblance of normality, completely off the deep end and spiralling into an abyss where if truth be told he completely revels.

Sebastian is a bad man, be under no illusion but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the same needs and desires as the rest of us, he just doesn’t see the need to follow the same acceptable agenda…for him the thought of not having what he covets most is not acceptable, if he wants something or in this case someone…he is not willing to play by societies rules, he never has so why start now, he will have the object of his obsession…the beautiful Camille and there was nothing that stood in his way that he was not willing to steam roll over in order to clear his way.
I thought the author delivered a character in Sebastian that will be difficult to forget, yes, I understand that almost every thought he had was one that I should condemn but I just don’t have it in me to see it that way, maybe that says more about me than him.

So apart from the fact that he will make you wince, what else is there about this bad guy that will set the blood flowing…well, apart from the fact that he is the epitome of alpha male, albeit more than a little psychotic, his lethal weapon is a mouth that is pure filth. He picked away at my heart and at times I could feel my heart beginning to break for him…and in a way, I hope you feel the same, he will consume your very being. I wanted him to get what he wanted and desired, most of all because I liked the fact that even though he was the bad guy he had those needs.

Congratulations to Celia Aaron for a book that set its own pace and never let up from start to finish…refreshingly fabulous.

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