I See You

by DH Sidebottom and Ker Dukey


The dynamic duo have done it again, they have produced what I can only describe as one of the most seriously deranged but beautifully brilliant books that I have read in a very long time, if ever! It is quite simply freaking awesome!!

Nina has survived what was the most awful of situations and after retreating into her shell she has finally begun to take tentative steps towards piecing her life back together.

She has be proactive in some respects in as much as she has really tried to change who she is but what if the demon that is squeezing your subconscious just isn’t ready to let you go?

What if, no matter what you do it will never be enough?

When you have no way of controlling or mitigating the actions of others, you are vulnerable and Nina is vulnerable but she just has no idea how much!

Her baby steps are not being taken alone, she has Devon, her neighbour, someone that she has begun to feel comfortable with, someone that she feels is there to support her, he is helping – or so she thinks because does he have an agenda of his own?

Devon is far from the friendly neighbour that she thinks he is, honestly I was aghast at the depth of his character and not in a good way.

His past is dark, very dark but he is a master at hiding that part of himself, he grew up with few social interactions and the a total disregard for the social niceties in life- he has no feeling for what it is like to feel, what it is like to love and especially what it is like to respect, his father was a despicable human being and he created his children both Noah and Devon in his likeness, he forged they hearts from stone – it was so disturbing to read, although I have to say that it was Noah that thought was nothing short of completely bat shit crazy!!

Taking a life, tormenting, using and abusing others are second nature for Noah, women are worthless to him, Devon on the other hand is I suppose for want of a better word, more hands off. He is voyeuristic, he likes to watch, safely ensconced behind the lens of his camera but his pseudo friendship with Nina doesn’t mean that her fate has changed.

Her attacker promised her he would be back!!! Will he and  if he does can she survive him again?

The twists and turns in the book are intense, they are manic in some respects, it takes a clear head to try to keep abreast of what was happening and the keeping a clear thought process was not always possible, because emotionally this book drained me. I had to take time out on more than one occasion!

This is a physiological thriller masking some truly twisted events but as dark as it was I have to say that I absolutely loved it. It is not the type of book I would read every day but it was enough to shake my senses and to blow the cobwebs away – make me take a good hard look at life and to be thankful!

You are warned in the blurb that this may not be for everyone and I will warn you again there are aspects of this book that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand and the blood in your veins run cold – if you are at all worried then I would advise you to proceed with caution.

Would I say don’t read the book, no and that is because I think that we gain knowledge through reading and knowledge should never be curtailed, so be it good or bad, it is another item to store away, to form an opinion on and to help shape the way you look at the world and if it makes you see that the world needs a few more decent people and you decide to be one of them then these authors have done an awesome job!