by Emma Hart

I love Emma Hart, her writing style just hits me where I am happiest, she makes me smile and without fail her books are one click musts for me, so when I settled in to read this The Roommate Agreement I was prepared for the long haul…honest I had no intention of moving until I had made a serious dent, if at all I was willing to pull an all-nighter if I had too!
Jay and Shelby are friends, they both have feelings that could probably lead to move given half a chance but that chance hasn’t actually materialized, but when she gives him somewhere to live, their relationship morphs into something more and their friendship was never going to be the same…nope, this was friends to lovers every step of the way and boy what a journey it was.
As I have come to expect with Emma Hart, this was a step outside the norm, it was quirky, it was laugh out loud funny and Oh my was it entertaining, I was totally hooked.
Shelby was everything that Jay wasn’t which is probably why their friendship worked but would this neat freak cope with her more laid-back bestie sharing her space, or were the sparks set to fly?
I loved Shelby she was a genuinely nice character, I felt a connection to her and the way she seemed to just get need to get over the fact that she really wanted more from Jay in order to actually get that very thing, her attempts to derail her feelings by putting together the roommate agreement was farcical, she was trying to keep herself in check and I found it hilarious…come on woman give yourself a break and get your man!!
Jay may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, I mean he wasn’t one for keeping his space clean and tidy and he certainly didn’t seem to know is way around the domestic appliances, especially the washer but when it came to his habit of pottering around without is pant…well, I don’t think I would have been complaining much!
I thought the passages where they connected, their drunken musings and the willingness to take their steps towards being something more were beautifully written, they had a lot to lose but I was whooping from the sidelines cheering them along in the hope that they could get their something more. But did they?
Brilliantly funny, fantastic writing a real hit!


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