False Start by Ava Kendrick

Well it’s a sporting romance, who am I to say no! I love this sort of story and the complications of a love that has already had one bite at the cherry because even though they went their separate ways, the final curtain was never really drawn. This was all that and some!

Vanessa and Denny had been sweethearts when they were just kids, before college and a stellar football career got in the way. Calling time on what they had as youngsters wasn’t easy on either of them but it was the right thing at the time but here they are years later, older, wiser and remarkably not only working in close proximity with each other but also both having to deal with the fact that they can’t have the one person they never managed to let go of.

Denny is adored by his fans but it is the love of one particular woman that has him working his tail off.

Vanessa is determined that their past is in the past, she can’t go through that sort of heartache again but her heart knows that this is her man, and nobody else is ever going to live up to him, so with heart and head in conflict, how much longer does she think she can continue her internal struggle? Especially when Denny finds a new purpose in life…to win her back!

It isn’t all sweetness and light, the path they are on is far from smooth but that only added to the enjoyment, this pair were superb, I absolutely fell in love with them both.

I liked that they had issues, what they had been through doesn’t just disappear overnight, it needs to be worked through and they did. There were a few twists and turns along the way but not enough to have my head in my hands.

Loved the boo, it was well written…just my cup of tea!!!


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