by Miranda Elaine

There is genuinely something fabulous about reading a debut authors work and realising that here is someone that truly loves her characters. This was one of those time sand to this author, I can say little more than congratulations because this was a fantastic story, one I thoroughly enjoyed.

I loved the attractive that there was between Temperance and Asher, it was heart felt and totally engaging. They brought all the eels to the page and topped it all off with a gloriously cute sassy little package in the shape of Temperance’s daughter Ellie.

Asher is everything you would want to have in the perfect book boyfriend, he checked off every box I had and some that I didn’t know were even available! Of course, he was a sexy as sin but he had some much more tucked up his sleeve, he wasn’t afraid to show he cared, he was patient and more to the point he was fabulous with Ellie, although I think that little snippets took him by surprise.

Tempie was a hot mess and her life was far from perfect but she was doing her utmost to make it work and that struck cord with e, she was a single mom after all and everything that that entails only adds pressure, but I couldn’t help but love the fact that she had an unabashed sense of humour, she had me giggling on so many occasions that my jaw ached. I took this woman to my heart and I think I may just keep her a while.

As you might expect not everything goes according to plan between the pair of them but where would the fun be in all that, half the joy is seeing how they manage to overcome their issues and find their way back to a happy ever after that they so richly deserved.

I thought the story was written beautifully with an air of grace and edge of attitude that were balanced perfectly. Emotionally the author put a lot on the page and gave her characters that one thing that I always look for…she gave them soul!

Fantastic read, highly recommended.


Topic: FIXING HER by Miranda Elaine

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