Breaking Free

by Amie Saskatchewan

I really like the way this author writes, she is able to pack a lot into just a handful of pages. This might be a short read but if like me you hate getting to the good bit of a story during your lunch break, only to have to pack the story away in the drawer and get back to work, this alleviates that issue – I had it finished before I had to return to my desk… result!

With a marriage that is slowly disintegrating before her eyes, life for Suzie isn’t a patch on what she wants it to be. He husband is ambivalent towards her and even though the situation isn’t great she is still willing to try and salvage something. I really felt for her when she spent time making herself up and dressing provocatively for him only to be practically rebuffed when he rocked up drunk and clearly bearing the hallmarks of having been in close contact with another woman.

Now if that was me I would have kicked his drunken butt and thrown him out the door but while Suzie isn’t me, she wasn’t willing to just sit around and feel sorry for herself anymore, while he slept his impending handover off, she hit the town…good woman!

She wasn’t alone for long because she meets a guy while she is having a drink in a bar but it was only a drink, nothing more and when he leaves she continues her night alone. A spot of dinner, a few more drinks and time to reflect. I could just picture her, a lonely figure taking stock of her life…she  deserved better but when she discovers that the handsome Michael has left her a note and the key to his hotel room, she has a decision to make. I was yelling at my kindle at this point for her to live it up a little, her husband had made his position perfectly clear and on the surface what they had was done…but was it really?

Could she join Michael in his hotel room and still be able to look herself in the mirror in the morning or was it a step too far, how could she face her husband, knowing full well that she was just as guilty of throwing in the towel on their relationship.

There were so many questions that hadn’t had the opportunity to be answered yet, so many directions that the story could go, it was completely engrossing. I look forward to the next book.

Topic: Breaking Free by Amie Saskatchewan

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