by Adriana Locke

Peck is many things but the one thing above all else is…he is worth the wait!

I was desperately pacing waiting on this hitting my kindle and once I started it didn’t take long to plough my way through it.

It was simply put too good to put down.

I have loved the family that the author has created, the depth of character that she writes is quite simply enchanting, I was totally captivated by a guy that I get the feeling has fought his way forward and demanded his own story be told.

Forgive me if I concentrate on Peck but if truth be told he is all that mattered to me, the man was everything I wanted and more, he was funny, he was flirtatious and he was sexy as sin but boy did that man love with everything he had. His heart and soul were so pure that I could barely blink back the emotion that the author poured into him.

A man that found his woman when he least expected it and boy, oh boy was she the perfect woman for him. She matched him in every aspect and with Peck she had a man that she could not only love but adore.

A partnership made in literary heaven, Peck is my man and I quite simply loved him!


Topic: CRAZY by Adriana Locke

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