Beauty and The Professor

by Skye Warren

The first part of a delicious tale that gives new purpose and perspective of a fairytale we are all familiar with, a modern twist on that classic Beauty and the Beast. A wonderful expression of not just love but also acceptance both by others and yourself.
I was blown away by the passion and intensity of the book, the message was powerful, the fact that we all have thoughts and feelings that if we allow will inhibit and curtail the possibilities that life has to offer. It brought to the fore the fact that in order to get over the negativity that often forces its way into the hear and now, we all have to embrace our fears.
Erin and Blake had an “intimate” first encounter but from then the story wove a passionate and provocative path. There was no denying the connection between them but they both had insecurities that had a lot to say about how their relationship would develop.
Blake is a man with issues, ones that weigh heavily on him and that in many aspects he allows to tether him to the past, to his experiences in the military. Erin is the complete opposite, a young woman with her whole life ahead of her and very little experience behind her…was the path they were on going to be more than she could deal with, a man like Blake was always going to be complicated.
I liked that they both were able to express their feelings, the thoughts that plagued them and how they felt about the expectations that they had not only for themselves but also each other, how on earth would Erin be able to deal with a man as complicated as Blake and more to the point would she want too? I thought his self-doubt was the most touching aspect of the whole book for me, this strong, military man totally at the behest of a young woman that he wanted to want him as much as he wanted her. It was very poignant.
Of course, with the second part of the book to come, a cliff hanger was inevitable, and the author left nothing out when she rounded up this installment of the duet, the ending was devastating.
I cannot wait to read the conclusion; I have no doubt it will be a fitting conclusion for a couple that deserves a happy ever after more than most.

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