The Counting Downers

by A J Compton



Probably the hardest review I have had to write this year and that is because the book is like nothing I have read.

I have finished and can think of nothing other than the book has been written to absolute perfection. Each and every word counts, every word is profound and every word punches above its weight.

For a debut novel this is quite simply beautiful.

Matilda, is brutally honest in her view and interpretation of life.

She isn’t afraid to examine the world around her, she spends much of her time in contemplation, but her outlook belies the fact that in some respects she is too smart for her own good.

But this is a book that has time on its hands, time to grow, time to examine, time to question.

It actively encourages your participation in more than just a reading capacity, the story looks for you to engage, to review and question the facts that are being

The connection between Matilda and Tristian had me completely absorbed. It confused but compelled me to look for their story to come to a resolution, one that I wanted… but did I get it?

I could easily run out of superlative when it comes to what I want and need to say about this story but to be honest all I have to say really is Please read this book.