You've Got Male

by Lila Monroe

Book two in the Chick Flick Club series by Lila Monroe, this is a clever, witty read that kept me totally entertained.

I loved that the story was easy to get to grips with, it didn’t hang around introducing not only the characters but also the relationship.

Zoey and Cam were perfect enemies, I honestly couldn’t have pitched two more contrasting characters has I written them myself, they were glorious. They had a fabulous initial connection, but things don’t go as they probably could have, because despite the fact that the pair of them were definitely interest they were on a far more complicated path …one that would stoke the fire of rivalry to it absolute peak…Oh and this pair keep the pans bubbling as they take their culinary rivalry to the max!

Running the full range of emotions, this was a story that had everything, it was perfectly pitched by the author in order to ensure that as the reader no emotion was left unchecked, I both laughed and cried equally, with almost reckless abandon. Honestly this will turn you up and on with delicious abandon.

I applaud the author for a book that I devoured with absolute relish.


Topic: You've Got Male by Lila Monroe

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