by Stella Rhys

Left in the lurch when her fiancée Aaron calls time on their relationship and clears off, no explanation means no resolution but when his brother Mason rocks up at her door, Taylor is in for the ultimate kick in the teeth because not only is Mason at her door which she would never ever have contemplated but the news he is delivering is enough to knock her on her butt!

Aaron is getting married…and to Mason’s ex. Well that is all shades of f**ked up!

How she stayed upright I have no idea, she had been working her fingers to the bone at two jobs to pay off the debt that he left her with and now he is getting married in St Lucia of all places and hasn’t even given her a second thought! I would have been fit to kill!!

Aaron is sure that Eva (his ex) is playing games and is marrying Aaron as a means of taking a swipe at him but is he, right?  Can he convince Aaron that he is making a mistake and what part is he expecting Taylor to play in it all?

Well he needs a plus one for the event …and that is just for starters, if she goes with him he has told her that he is willing to clear all the debts she has left to pay. Now I understood why she said no initially, it was almost as if he was offering to buy her but once he got the reasoning behind his plan across to her I was full on board with his plan and so was Taylor. This wasn’t about anyone other than Aaron, Mason wanted to let him see that he deserved better and marrying Eva would be a mistake.

So, it was a resolution fest all round if I am being honest, because Taylor realises that going to St Lucia means that she too will be able to draw a close to her own situation with Aaron. But would she like the answers she got? And can she pull off pretending to be in a relationship with Mason, considering the fact that she has never particularly liked him very much? Determined to keep their pretend relationship purely platonic, they set the wheels of their plan in motion.  

The book has a lot going for it right from the outset, I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on with Aaron and when Mason says about him marrying his ex, I was beginning to think the guy might have a screw loose but when you read the book you will see there is a darn sight more going on under the surface than you think. There was also more going on between Mason and Taylor because if he thought Eva was getting back at him by marrying Aaron what the heck did he think he was doing by roping Taylor into being his “girlfriend” it was all a little complicated.

So, if you are looking for a solid read, that will keep you on your toes this is the book for you.

I loved Taylor, she was a strong woman who was doing what she wanted in order to get the outcome she desired but was that all she desired or was the magnificent Mason beginning to work is charm? He brought out the feisty side of her personality but I think he actually quite liked that in her, she was a challenge, one that he rarely experienced, because this sexy as sin guy doesn’t normally have to try so hard.

So, with everything taken into account I would have to say that this was something a little outside the norm, it was different and I like different! The characters each had their own secrets and agenda but that added to the intrigue and expectation.

One word of warning…. once you start you will be completely hooked, so cancel plans because this might just keep you captivated.

P.S. Just wait till you get a load of Noah!!!

Topic: EX GAMES by Stella Rhys

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