Kevlar to my Vest by Lani Lynn Vale


Dear Lord this is fabulous, Vinny and Trance –WooHoo!!!

Trance is divine, this biker has a job that I had never expected – he’s a cop, a K-9 officer at that. This lonely cop has his four legged friend to keep him company but he needs more but thinks that he’s had his shot at love before, one that upped sticks and walked away when his job became the straw that broke the camel’s back and because of that he doesn’t feel that he can tread those boards again, he can’t face that scenario and as such he is on his own by design if not actually by choice. But it is a real shame because he has genuine feelings for Viddy, feelings that she has no idea he harbours.

But he has an issue to overcome one that is more of a challenge than his reluctance… Viddy has a boyfriend! A waste of space boyfriend who is more interested in keeping her dependant on him and making himself feel better. Operation get shot of the jerk is first on the agenda – but never underestimate Viddy!!!

But Viddy may be blind but she is not stupid and when push comes to shove and she needs to have a shoulder to lean on and someone to keep her safe, it is Trance that she turns too. It is him that he trusts to keep her safe and it is him that she wants for her own. With the two of the pulling at opposite ends of the same stick, they are going to have to meet in the middle somewhere and this I know who my money is on because this feisty little woman has her man in her sights!!

I love Viddy, she is such a positive powerful character, superb characterization – a much kudo to the author for giving this character the balls to go for what she wants and to let nothing, not even disability stand in her way.

And with Trance, the author has dipped into my subconscious and pieced together my absolute wish list of what it takes to be a real man. Someone that will always and I do mean always be the invisible shield between his woman and the world. Someone that can pour all his love into every single word he says and leaves you in no doubt that you are the reason that he draws his next breath. He is quite simply everything a woman could possibly want.

Again I could wax lyrical about the merits of this story and the detail that yet again is piled on to each and every page. I could sing the praises of all the characters and implore you to give them a shot because you will not be disappointed but what I really want to say is please treat yourself and either continue to immerse yourself in this amazing series or if you haven’t started yet, please take this opportunity to discover what is a fabulous series this is for yourself and while away some hours with the lives and loves of The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC