Drive Me Crazy by Tracy Wolff


Drive Me Crazy by Tracy Wolff

I read this as a standalone novel having not read the previous Shaken Dirty Novel – Crash into Me (soon to be remedied I can assure you!)

Elise McKinney and Quinn Bradford have history and not always a pleasant one. They have known each other since they were seven years old and as classical piano prodigies, they travelled and competed against each other on the professional circuit. They shared many things including the fact that they both had less than perfect upbringings but they at least had each other and a love of practical jokes – although we find out that Quinn used his jokes as a means to divert Elise’s attention from her crippling stage fright.

The prologue is hysterical.

By the time the two of them have reached 17, not only has Quinn left the circuit but he has left Elise – she gave him everything her love, her heart and her virginity and he walked away.

So what brings him back into her life now?

The current story sees Elise waking up in a hospital following the fatal car crash that not only killed her only friend and manager, but seems to have destroyed her career as a pianist. At this point she is truly alone but that is about to change when her past walks through the hospital door.

Having heard of the accident Quinn isn’t about to let Elise go through this alone and with absolute determination he fronts her up at the hospital and makes it perfectly clear that he is intends to take care of her and to be by her side until she is well enough to return home – deluded fool!!!

Left with little option – Quinn ends up kidnapping her and taking her to his home in order to get her to accept his help. They are as pig headed as each other but it makes for a light hearted and prank filled romp to romance.

The introduction of the band mates into the equation and the fun factor goes through the roof.

Quinn and the band show Elise that there is life after the piano and the scene where Quinn is playing her favourite concerto is beautifully written – the sympathy and empathy that he shows to Elise when he encourages her to play with him at the keyboard will remain with me for while – mind you the other scene at eth piano will also remain but for entirely different reasons!

The past is always lurking between them and issues with the band weight heavy on Quinn’s mind but they are good together and slowly they begin to find a way to make it together.

Little does Quinn know that his long feared nightmare may be about to come true but will in the end lead to his happy ever after.

His apology is priceless and just the sort of statement that would will over even the most doubtful of souls.

Rating 4.5 out of 5