Loving Dagerously

by Laramie Briscoe


I don’t particularly want to review this collection on a book by book basis, and I am sure you guys don’t need me to witter on and on about every bit of every book.

So I am taking the anthology as whole and I hope that you get the gist of what I have to say.

As far as collections go, these guys will knock your socks off…I am sure that this isn’t really a collection of stories more like a glossary of the most amazing alpha males you could possibly want or need!

Now there is no way that you can read about all these different guys and not have a favourite, mine was Ciaran.

I don’t know if it was because I could almost hear the lilt of his Irish accent or the fact that he knocked being an alpha male right out the park, but I loved him. I adored the fact that this strong man, was so worried about whether he had what it would take to win his woman, I couldn’t imagine how any woman would not be won over by everything he brought to a relationship.so when the two of them took their first steps towards being a coupe, I was in the corner whooping with delight!

I whipped through the whole collection and I have to say that Laramie Briscoe pulled another belter out of the bag with Contract Marriage, really it was a fabulous read. One that will have you reaching for the fan.

I promised not to waffle, so I’ll draw a line in the sand at that and say that this duo was probably my pick of the bunch but I didn’t think there was a bad story in the whole collection, they were all different, perhaps not miles apart in some respects but then again there is only so many ways you can mould this sort of man, before he begins to fight back!

Each author brought something different to the table and this is a super way to get a taste of what they each have to offer; I have picked up some of their other works since reading this collection.

A super smart, wonderfully entertaining collection that I was delighted to have read

Topic: Loving Dagerously by Laramie Briscoe

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