Bossy Brothers: Jesse

by JA Huss

Well, what a ride!
If this is just book one of the series, then all I can say is I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the guys.
It didn’t take long for the content to draw me in and hold me, hostage, don’t get me wrong I was a willing participant but I couldn’t have walked away even if I had wanted too there was so much going on that had I turned my back on them I had a feeling they would have revolted!
From the start the story evolved, it might have appeared to be a light quirky read but it was so much more, the author just made sure that it took its time to show its hand. I was left slack-jawed on more occasions that I could possibly count, the events and characters in the story rolling into their own creative magnificence
Jesse Boston and his brothers had a childhood that meant that they wanted for nothing, money being no object meant that they had an air of arrogance that surrounded them and whilst they are all grown up now, that memory of who they used to be isn’t easily forgotten, or at least for Emma it isn’t…Jesse well, let’s just say that he appears to had blocked it out.
He might not be the guy he was but that doesn’t mean that Emma Dumas is ready to forget what and who she knows of him, she isn’t the girl she used to be, she’s left that naïve girl behind long ago, but Jesse and his cocky ways have charm that is enticing, it doesn’t hurt that he is sexy as sin either.
I loved the verbal sparring between the two of them, they were fabulous, I smiled so much as they grappled to get the upper hand on each other, the author certainly knows how to get the most out of each and every page.
Their meeting wasn’t what you would anticipate, and I loved that two ultimately successful, wealthy people fought their situation so hard. They were pulling on the same bone with neither of them willing to give an inch, it was hilarious. I liked that Emma wasn’t a pushover, she was a strong woman who knew her own mind. But I loved that Jesse was more than willing to soak up everything she had to give and was willing to dish it all back…in his own inimitable style.
With more than few twists and turns along the way this will keep you interested all the way to the last page, and beyond because knowing that there is more on the horizon is enough to have me salivating!

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