by Stevie J Cole

After the first book and the journey that Jag took, I was looking forward to this book I thought that Rush would be everything I expected…well I was only half right.

He was everything I thought he would be but that was the bad bits, the good bits and they did come, so bear with him were what I hadn’t anticipated.

I think it is safe to say that he made no bones about the fact that he enjoyed the company of women, he was a walking embodiment of what a m****ore really is but everyone has their day of reckoning and for Rush his was spectacular! And for him and everyone around him his s**t finally got real.

I liked that he had a thing for the bands assistant manager that had so far be thwarted, I could feel myself rooting for her, but I also wondered how his antics would have left a mark on her attitude towards him, well let’s just say that she doesn’t suffer him for long really, they have one steamy night together and then it was as if nothing had happened, I was chomping at the bit for more but the author made them wait it out and the story picked up a whole year later!

I knew then that they had to find a way to not only work together but if there is ever the chance of something coming from what they both feel then they have to find a way of leaving it in the past, the question was could they?

Would Jules be his turning point? His forever? Well it was a far from smooth road and I was more than a little concerned for the along the way but I kept my fingers crossed…. did it work, well you need to read it find out!


Topic: Rush by Stevie J Cole

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