My Texas Sweetheart

by Pauleina Acheson



Now, before I get started I have one thing to say about this book that I found had me in a tizzy the whole way through – you will have to make notes – because with five older brothers, Jase and the rest of her brother Chase’s SEAL team buddies – my head was awash with names – I was lost on more than one occasion!!.

I understood from the outset that My Texas Sweetheart was a debut novel and to honest I have to say that while reading it, it was clear that there were elements of the writing that had I not already known, I feel I would been able to deduce that this was a novice writer. BUT and please believe me when I say that I am not criticizing the author in any way – writing is an evolution – one that means that you get better with time and in that case – Pauliena is definitely one to watch.

The book is good – in some places overly descriptive but dear lord – the number of characters was astonishing – I lost count at one point.  Although I am not sorry in some respects because with all these hot brothers in the family and the SEAL buddies in tow – there are likely to be a fair few books in the series!

I liked both Maggie and Jase and liked the way the book flicked from one point of view to the other – it gave clarity to events that were seen from both perspectives – although there were occasion when the repetition of events was not completely necessary.

I also thought that Maggie’s relationship with her brother Adam was brilliant – the sibling rivalry was evident but so was the fact that he was completely over protective with her.

Although if I hear one more person say the words “baby girl” I think I might just hurl!

Maggie is a tough, stand out young woman who is confident enough in her own skin that she does not suffer fools – she has an attraction to Jase but sees too much of her brothers and their man whoring ways in him to even think about a relationship with him – so she cuts herself loose from the teenage angst of unrequited love and just gets on with life.

Jase on the other hand does much the same thing – sowing his oats good and proper and enjoying every god damn minute of it.

But time and hormones wait for no man and when Maggie is the victim of a horrific situation, Jase man’s up and finally admits his feelings to himself – he wants a relationship with Maggie and he is determined to change his ways for her.

Jase has relocated from New York with his parents and two sisters but the course of the book brings tragedy on not only Maggie but Jase’s family from the same source and with Maggie feeling like she is the reason for his pain, Jase and Maggie begin to drift apart – the end of the book leaves us in no doubt that this couple are far from finished.

My Texas Sweetheart has was an engaging first foray into the YA genre that encompassed everything that genre has to offer, it was well written and introduced not only some fabulous characters but a very promising author.

I look forward to the next book in the series and I am keeping my fingers crossed that Jase and Maggie can find their way back to each other and that a certain someone (you all know who the bad guy is) gets exactly what he deserves

Rating 3.75 out of 5