Just Like Grey: TWO

by Jessie Cooke

I suppose this is supposed to be exactly what it says in the title – Just like Grey and in many ways, I think it was but that isn’t to say that I didn’t have issues with portions of the story because unfortunately I did and it was mainly due to the fact that it just didn’t hold my attention as much as I had thought it would.
I thought the story was decent but it didn’t blow me away and I think that was down to the fact that in parts I was desperately trying not to skip pages …it was a little slow at times and the urge to get past the slow pages to the good bits (and there were good bits – plenty of them) was distracting, to say the least.
But what I did like was Izzy and Alex, I thought they had page presence and that the author gave them a story that as a reader I could get on board with. The conception that this was “Just like Grey” was clever in as much as it put the basis out there, having read the original I thought I had a handle on where the story would go but I was pleasantly surprised that the author was able to ensure that it wasn’t just a pastiche of the original.
There was enough of a twist on the original story that it gave the characters their own credence and ensured that the characters were able to stand tall on their own, the sex scenes might have been a tad more inventive for my liking but other than that I would say that there was enough passion and pace to keep me entertained. I was especially grateful to discover that despite the angst and attitude they managed to find their way to a happy ever after.
A short(ish) read one that I managed to finish in just a few hours, so if you have some spare time, and you enjoyed Fifty Shades then this might be one you want to take a look at

Topic: Just Like Grey: TWO by Jessie Cooke

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